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"Investing in getting a great CV is the best money you will ever spend."

Welcome to The Yacht Crew Mentor. Our mission is to provide "Career Navigation" for yacht crew.

Yachting has become a very competitive industry flooded with countless new hopefuls every year. The two most useful things to have when looking for a job in the industry are a great attitude, and a great CV.

Having a well written, well laid out, and fully appropriate CV, is critically important if you are to find the right job. You would be amazed just how many people have CVs that will trip themselves up before they have even started.

What sets us apart is our vast experience and the level of service that we offer all our clients. We take the time to understand your career aspirations, providing detailed discussions and guidance throughout the process. On average we spend over 4 hours in Zoom, / phone calls getting to know our clients and ensuring that they fully understand the process.

We take a deep personal interest in each client’s requirements and there is no time limit on how long we take to get you the best CV possible at the end of the process.

We do so much more than just build you a great CV.

Whether you are new to the industry or already well established, we can help you significantly improve your CV.

Read on, below to find out how we do what we do and why it is the solution you need to get the best possible CV.

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