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What we do

  • We will build you, from scratch, the best possible CV you can have for the yachting sector, given your experience
  • We take the time to get to know you. How can we build you a great CV if we don’t?
  • We explain, and expertly guide you through every single part of the process, in detail so that you fully understand every step of the process, and know how to do it for yourself in the future
  • We explain the “triage” process and the critical mistakes, no matter how small, that may steer your CV straight into the shredder
  • We make you think about yourself, your aspirations, attributes, skills etc. so that we can work with you to get the best possible results
  • We sift the wheat from the chafe in your CV and develop it to it’s full potential
  • We explain to you the power of using the most appropriate language
  • Our service gives you so much more than just a great CV. You will receive one to one insight, guidance and advice about the industry in general through your sessions with us

UK Phone number +44 7958 301 111

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