Interview Coaching

Interview Coaching

Interviews can be intimidating, especially for those who are not used to the process. We offer dedicated interview coaching, providing tremendous insight into the hiring process onboard yachts. Having over 25 years of experience as a Master in the industry and having conducted hundreds of interviews, including telephone, in-person, and online we have a thorough understanding of what it is all about, and how to help candidates succeed in an interview.

Our coaching sessions will help you prepare for that all-important interview, giving you the confidence you need to land your dream job in the yachting industry. We can coach you on interviews with crew agents, ensuring that you make the best impression possible. We will also provide everything you need to know about the interview process, including what you should and should not be doing during an interview. We can offer advice on telephone, in-person, and online interviews, all of which have their own specific subtleties.

Don't let interviews hold you back from achieving your goals in the yachting industry. With The Yacht Crew Mentor's interview coaching service, you will be fully prepared for any interview that comes your way.


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