Iain Flockhart

Iain Flockhart, the founder of our business, is a highly experienced professional yacht captain with over 25 years in the industry. He has logged nearly 300,000 nautical miles as a Master, mostly in the yachting sector, and has held a MCA Master 3,000 CoC for 20 years. But what sets him apart is his passion for mentoring and helping others succeed.

With a reputation for crew loyalty and retention, Iain is an expert in mentoring crew members throughout their careers. His skills reach far beyond just yachting, bringing a valuable set of professional and life skills to the table. He has a deep analytical and creative mindset and is a natural leader who believes in the importance of mentoring for a Captain's duty.

In addition to his mentoring work, Iain writes in-depth articles about the industry, with a focus on crew issues, and has a regular column published on The Superyacht Investor, a top-level platform in the industry. He also takes on commissions to write articles for companies within the yachting industry and does regular live sessions on Superyacht Radio and Yachting International Radio.

The reason Iain set up this service is to assist the increasing number of young people entering the industry with little guidance and to help them succeed. He offers expert CV and online profile reviews, general career advice, guidance, and support, and advice on how to deal with specific onboard situations. With Iain's extensive experience and knowledge, we can assist in many ways, some of which are listed above.

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